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The organiser of the ‘POLE STREET BREAK THE RULES POLE BATTLE’ (the BATTLE) is Pole Street Srl (the ORGANISER) (Battle Contestants named further as WARRIORS).

The Battle will take place in Milan, Italy at the hottest club in town, Club Haus 80s in via Valtellina, 21.

There will be 2 heats, one on Friday 15th November and the other on Friday 29th of November 2013 with the Grand Final taking place on Friday 13th December 2013. The Battle will commence at midnight. The top 3 dancers from each heat will make it through to the Grand Final.

10 dancers per heat, first come first in, by order of applications received.

The Battle has just one category – mixed category- “The Most Entertaining Pole Performer”. Mixed category includes soloists and duets, men and women of all ages (18 – 99) and all levels are welcome. However, Warriors must be over 18 years old on the night.

Battle is open to all nationalities from any pole dance studio, i.e. everyone is welcome!

We know it’s boring and we really want to be fun, but all Warriors do need to apply beforehand.

Application fee is €25 for singles and €40 for doubles. No refunds if you chicken out, sorry!


  • During the performances anything goes! Please feel free to remove parts of your costume such as: coat, mask, skirt, etc. and male competitors are strongly encouraged to show off those abs! Wanna show some skin? Bring it on, but keep it classy!

  • Warriors can wear any costume they choose, the more creative the better! Each heat will have a theme (i.e. Disco, Rock, Fluo, etc.) so we would highly recommend expressing the theme through your costume choice (brownie points with the crowd!).

  • During the performance high heeled shoes and boots are of course allowed! In fact the higher the better! Men included if they so wish. For those of you who are more comfortable barefoot, go for it, hell you can even wear trainers if you want!

  • During each performance accessories are encouraged. Chairs, whips, chains! Unfortunately we must say no to fire, explosives and other dangerous items, so use common sense.

  • Before and during the Battle, the Warriors are advised not to drink alcohol, take/use any illegal substances or take/use extra stimulants such as steroids. However once your performance is done we say bring on the cocktails!

  • During the Battle please refrain from using any body lotion that could make the poles slippery for others. We know it’s a Battle but let’s not fight dirty! Mighty grip, Dry Hands, Itac, Liquid Chalk all accepted. (sneaky tip, is shaving foam for the legs, works amazingly and hurts so much less than Itac!) You wanna wear gloves? No problem!

  • On the day of the Battle a warm-up area will be provided at the venue but please bring your own mats, etc.

  • The Organiser will ask you to sign something saying that your images in all media forms can be used for promotional purposes. That basically means we want to show you off on Facebook, Instagram, etc. after the event!

  • There are no compulsory moves, just entertain the audience because they will be judging you! Oh yeah, did we forget to mention? There are NO official judges!!! The audience will choose the finalists so you just need to make them love you!

  • The show (sorry contest) begins when the music starts and ends when the music finishes, kind of obvious really!

  • If you fall on your butt you are very welcome to start again. Or if the pole falls down, but we are kind of hoping that won’t happen!


  • POLE There will be just one fixed pole of 45mm in spinning mode so you don’t have to find a way to dance, slide, and run from one pole to the other! It will be 3.40m tall so plenty of space to climb up and down, in fact, we say the higher you go the the better so the audience gets the best possible view of all your crazy moves!


  • Depending on the theme of the night the Organiser will send the Warriors in advance a list of 15 – 20 songs that will be used for the Battle. On the night the Warriors will be allocated their song chosen at random.

  • Each Warrior will have 3mins to perform and show what they’ve got! Music will start at the beginning of the picked song and the DJ will fade it out after 3mins. There will also be a 30 second warning to finish.


  • The winner will be awarded the title of “MOST F**KING AMAZING POLE WARRIOR” The winner will also be hired for a fully paid performance at Club Haus 80s (worth €250), have the chance to join the Pole Street event team and, not to mention, will also receive Pole Street and Club Haus 80s goodies!


  • The hard to please Club Haus 80s public will be judging you so you really need to put on a great show! Whoever gets the loudest applause wins. In case of a tie, the DJ has the final say on the winner.

  • Deadline of sending applications: 8th November 2013.

  • The Organisers have the right to change the rules and regulations of the Battle at any time.


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